10 Features That Will Make Twitter Better

Twitter’s fame has soared in the new months. Use measurements express that the vast majority who use Twitter collaborates with the application by means of the web as opposed to an outsider client like TweetDeck or Twitter feed. Twitter’s web point of interaction is basic and instinctive yet misses the mark on a couple of highlights that can make it much better.

In this article, you’ll learn about 10 amazing UI highlights that can improve Twitter’s web insight. Click here


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1. Empower gathering of companions and adherents

Figure 1 shows tabs that you can use to see tweets in a specific gathering rapidly. Twitter’s rising prevalence has gotten many individuals ready and utilizing the web application. With the developing number of dynamic clients comes the requirement for following more individuals. Click here


The capacity to make gatherings (or classifications) of Twitter clients that you follow can lessen the commotion in your Twitter channel and can assist you with quickly seeing updates from specific gatherings of clients. For instance, having a gathering for “associates” or “nearby tweeters” can help you rapidly see what your colleagues are talking about or find regularly updated data on neighborhood occasions like car crashes. Click here

2. Auto Complete in Tweets

an auto-complete exchange box seems when you type the @ image. Auto complete is a cooperation configuration design that includes showing a rundown of ideas as the client types in text. Auto complete can accelerate the most common way of sending a tweet coordinated to a specific client utilizing the @username design. Click here

It will likewise help in times when you’re experiencing difficulty spelling somebody’s username. One more use of the auto complete element is for proposing #hashtags (catchphrases related to a tweet) to make watchword labeling of tweets simpler. Click here

3. Text joins in tweets

With a 140-person limit, it’s frequently challenging to have joined in a tweet without ransacking yourself out of valuable characters. By permitting clients to tweet hyperlinked text, not exclusively will it give them somewhat more space for including extra characters, but, will likewise make Twitter channels look cleaner. Click here

4. Tweets-stringing

Twitter is an extraordinary wellspring of data and is a superb gathering for examining different themes. Sadly, the ongoing UI doesn’t permit you to see a discussion between at least two individuals without any problem. Click here

Combined with the “answer to” highlight in the ongoing UI, strung tweets can allow clients the opportunity to partake in (or track) discussions occurring on a few Twitter channels.  Click here

Strung tweets can likewise act as a method for individuals to find other Twitter clients that are keen on comparative topics of discussion. Click here

5. Permit Tweets coordinated to a gathering (“bunch tweet”)

With organizations and networks jumping in and letting loose, the capacity to tweet to a gathering of Twitter clients offers a helpful approach to explicitly focusing on a bunch of individuals. For instance, if you needed to tweet to your collaborators, the grammar could be: The twofold @ effectively separates a tweet coordinated to a solitary client from one that is coordinated to a gathering of clients. Click here

6. Show meta information through drift tooltips

A tooltip is a powerful graphical UI component that permits clients to see more data when they drift or snap on a message or object of interest without leaving the ongoing page. Click here

They empower data gathering with fewer snaps and fewer pages to visit. One way tooltips can be useful is in seeing the bio data of a Twitter client when you drift over their username on your Twitter channel.  Click here

Assuming you see a username referenced in an intriguing Twitter update, essentially float over the name to see more data about the client that was referenced.  Click here  

7. Utilize the sidebar all the more real to show data

Twitter can use the right sidebar all the more real by showing significant data and measurements. For instance, a “Latest Replies” area or a “Most Used #hashtags” segment can be exceptionally useful in displaying the most recent exercises and the most blazing points. Click here

8. Add a page that presentations tweets referencing your username

witter clients (me included) like seeing their names referenced. As of now, just @replies (tweets that start with @username) should be visible on the @Replies page. A pleasant discretionary component is having a page that rundowns tweets where your username is referenced or where a specific tweet of yours is re-tweeted (model: “RT @username”). Click here

A less narcissistic advantage for this component is the chance to find individuals who are keen on what you need to say, enough that they update their own Twitter channel with a tweet of yours, or to see what sorts of your tweets are well known among individuals who follow you. Click here

9. Feature explicit clients, deemphasize others in the feed

At the point when the principal tweet is being featured, and the subsequent tweet is being deemphasized. The third tweet is the manner by which tweets ordinarily seem to be in the ongoing connection point. Clients who follow many individuals run into the difficulty of the Twitter channel over-burden where there’s just too much continuing and an excessive number of tweets to peruse. Click here

The capacity to stamp most loved Twitter clients, as well as deemphasize clients that you couldn’t care less about (yet at the same time need to understand for reasons unknown), can give clients better visual lines on what to focus on first while examining one’s Twitter channel. Click here

10. Add a Built-in URL Shortener

With Twitter’s ongoing UI, hyperlinks are figured in with your 140-person count limit regardless of whether it gets decreased long by a URL-shortening administration like TinyURL.com after you hit the “Update” button. One method for permitting clients to enter more text – without going to another site just to abbreviate URLs – is to have an inherent URL-shortening highlight. Click here

This wouldn’t just save clients some time, yet additionally takes out the need to depend on different sites to play out an activity that ought to truly be dealt with inside the framework. Click here