How To Troubleshoot A Broken Presentation In Powerpoint?


You may experience unexpected conduct while you work with a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. This behavior may occur because the presentation is damaged. This article contains step-through-step techniques that can help you restore your presentation partly or absolutely.

This article is meant for the newbie to intermediate pc user. You can also discover it less complicated to comply with the stairs if you print this text first.

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When you attempt to open or alter a damaged presentation, you can revel in the subsequent signs and symptoms:

When you try to open a presentation, you receive one of the following blunders messages:

this isn’t always a powerpoint presentation

PowerPoint can’t open the report kind represented by <file_name>.Ppt

Part of the document is lacking.

You obtain one of the following styles of error messages:

trendy safety Fault

invalid practise

invalid web page fault

low device assets

out of memory

more information

How To Determine If Your Presentation Is Broken

There are several methods to determine whether or not your presentation is damaged. You can attempt starting the record on some other laptop that has PowerPoint mounted to see if the sudden conduct occurs on the alternative laptop. You can attempt growing a brand new document in PowerPoint and see if the unexpected conduct takes place with the brand new record. This section describes how to use current displays and how to create a new document in PowerPoint to decide whether the presentations have the identical conduct.

Method 1: Open An Existing Presentation

On the File menu, choose Open.

Select the Microsoft Office Button in PowerPoint 2007.

Select a unique presentation, and then pick Open.

If the presentation opens and does no longer seem like damaged, go to approach 3 in this segment. Otherwise, visit Method 2 to create a new presentation.

Method 2: Create A New Presentation

Step 1: Create the Presentation

On the File menu, pick New, after which pick Welcome to PowerPoint (or Introduction to PowerPoint 2010).

In PowerPoint 2007, select the installed template, and then select Introduction to PowerPoint 2007.

Select Create. This procedure creates a presentation this is based on a template.

On the File menu, pick out Save.

In PowerPoint 2007, select the Microsoft Office Button, after which pick Save.

Type a name for the presentation, after which choose Save.

Quit PowerPoint.

Step 2: Open a new presentation

On the File menu, pick Open.

In PowerPoint 2007, pick out the Microsoft Office Button, after which choose Open.

Select New Presentation, after which pick Open.

If you can not open or store the brand new presentation, visit Method three.

If you cannot create a new presentation, PowerPoint may be damaged and restore have to be initiated. (See Method three, Part 2 beneath.)

Method 3: General Troubleshooting

Windows 10, Windows eight.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7

Part – 1

This method lets in your pc to restart with out startup accessories. For a easy restart, comply with these steps:

Sign in to the pc with the aid of the use of an account that has administrator rights.

Select Start, type msconfig.Exe within the Start Search container, and then press Enter to start the System Configuration Utility.

On the General tab, choose the Selected startup choice, and then clean the Load startup objects take a look at container. (The Use Native Boot.Ini check field is lacking.)

Services tab, pick out the Hide all Microsoft services test box, after which pick out Disable all.

On the General tab, choose the Selected startup option, and then clean the Load startup objects check box. (The Use Native Boot.Ini take a look at container is missing.)

Services tab, pick the Hide all Microsoft offerings check box, and then select Disable all.

Things to strive if you can not open a presentation

Method 1: Drag The Presentation To The Powerpoint Application Document Icon

Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8

Right-click the Windows icon at the taskbar, and then pick Run.

Type one of the following, relying on your model of PowerPoint:

Select Enter key.

Locate the Powerpnt.Exe icon in Windows Explorer.

Drag the broken presentation icon from one window to the Powerpnt.Exe icon inside the different window.

PowerPoint will attempt to open the presentation. If PowerPoint does not open the presentation, visit Method 2.

Windows 7

Select Start, and then pick out Documents. Or pick out Start and then search for Windows Explorer.

If you have got the MSI version of PowerPoint 2013 hooked up, type %ProgramFilespercentMicrosoft Officeoffice15 (PowerPoint 2013 64bit) or %ProgramFiles(x86)%Microsoft Officeoffice15 (PowerPoint 2013 32bit), after which Enter Press

If you have PowerPoint 2013 Select-to-Run established, kind C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15rootoffice15 (PowerPoint 2013 64bit) or C:Program Files(x86)Microsoft Office 15root office15 (PowerPoint 2013 32bit), and then press Enter.

If you’ve got the MSI version of PowerPoint 2016 hooked up, %ProgramFiles(x8e PowerPoint 2016 Select-to-Run set up, type %ProgramFilesp.CMicrosoft OfficerootOffice16 (PowerPoint 2016 sixty four bit) or %ProgramFiles(x86)%Microsoft OfficerootOffice16 (PowerPoint 2016 32 bit), and then Press Enter.

Locate the Powerpnt.Exe icon in Windows Explorer.

Drag the broken presentation icon from one window to the Powerpnt.Exe icon in the other window.

Method 2: Try To Insert Slides Right Into A Blank Presentation

Step 1: Create a blank presentation

In the File menu, pick New.

In PowerPoint 2007, click on the Microsoft Office Button, and then click on New.

Select Blank Presentation, and then choose Create.

This procedure creates a blank name slide. You can delete this slide later when you re-create the presentation.

Step 2: Insert the damaged presentation as slides

On the Home tab, pick out the arrow subsequent to New slides in the Slides organization, after which pick out Reuse Slides.

In the Reuse Slides assignment pane, pick out Browse. Select the damaged presentation, after which pick Open.

Select Insert Slide for each slide in the damaged presentation.

In the File menu, select Save.

In PowerPoint 2007 click the Microsoft Office Button, after which click Save.

Type a brand new call for the presentation, and then select Save.