Switch Price Philippines: Your Guide To Nintendo Switch Pricing

Harry Williams

switch price Philippines

This post can help you determine if a Nintendo Switch Price Philippines is worth it especially if you’re planning to buy one. Looking for the best deals on Nintendo Switch prices?

What Is The Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a unique home and handheld gaming console. Its flexibility and broad range of games are what it is known for.

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How Much Is A Nintendo Switch Now In The Philippines?

How Much Is A Nintendo Switch Now In The Philippines

The Switch price Philippines may vary according to the model as well as what retailer you will purchase it from. You can also get a new Nintendo Switch for about PHP 15,000 to less than PHP 25,000. The cost could vary depending on whether you were buying a normal Nintendo Switch or the Lite.

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Things To Consider For Switch Price Philippines

The price differences of the Nintendo Switch in the Philippines are influenced by several factors, such as:

  • This model: The Nintendo Switch and the distinct price of a Switch Lite device.
  • Bundle Deals – A few retailers pair games or accessories.
  • Availability: Prices may vary depending on demand and stock levels.

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch in the Philippines

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch in the Philippines

The handheld can be bought at an authorized Nintendo Switch retailer including gaming stores, electronics shops, or even online e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee. By comparing Switch prices Philippines and checking for discounts or promotions, you can determine which now brings in the best offer.

Tips for Buying a Nintendo Switch

  • Do your research: Check out reviews and see video gameplay to help you decide as to what model seems perfect for how YOU want.
  • Warranty: Make sure to buy from authorized sellers for WARRANTY COVERAGE.
  • Controller (s): Buy an extra controller or two and some cases to protect your investments as much brakes.


Knowing Switch Price Philippines can give a proper budget and will help find where to buy as well. Whether you are a part-time player or an elite veteran, being able to get the best price on your purchases can help take your game experience up an extra notch.


How Much Does A Nintendo Switch Cost In The Philippines On Average?

Nintendo Switch ($300 / ~PHP 16,000) In the Philippines we can see an average price tag of PHP 18,010.95 to up to as high as PHP 25,835 (eBay).

Where To Purchase Nintendo Switch In The Philippines?

Interested buyers can avail of the Nintendo Switch from authorized retailers – gaming stores, electronics shops, and online platforms such as Lazada or Shopee.

Will There Be Discounts For Nintendo Switch Purchases Here In The Philippines?

Certainly, they discount with games or bundle unleashed titles during events similar to Black Friday and the holiday.

Nintendo Switch And Switch Lite-How Do They Compare In Price And Features?

While the Nintendo Switch is bigger and can be docked and used as a console, the Lite sports a smaller design that’s perfect for handheld gaming on-the-go generally with an entry price to match.

New Or Used Nintendo Switch: Which Is Better For You (Philippines)?

That varies based on your budget and warranty sensitivity. Brand new consoles have some form of warranty, and are unlikely to begin having issues immediately after buying them; second-hand ones can be less expensive, but this comes with risks.