What Is A Morning Room?

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The morning room is a delightful and charming space in a home that is dedicated to comfort, relaxation, and the simple joy of a new day. This unique room is designed for leisure and is often characterized by large windows that allow an abundance of natural light to filter in. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of the morning room, its history, design elements, and its role in modern homes.

What Is A Morning Room?

A morning room is a designated living space within a home that is typically used for informal and comfortable activities. The name “morning room” is derived from its original purpose – it’s a place to enjoy the morning sunlight, a cup of tea or coffee, and a serene start to the day. Over time, its functions have expanded to include various activities like reading, crafting, socializing, and family time.

Historical Perspective

The concept of the morning room has its roots in 19th-century England, particularly during the Victorian era. At that time, it was a space where the family could gather to read the morning newspapers, write letters, or partake in artistic pursuits. The room was adorned with tasteful furniture, upholstered seating, and a cozy ambiance.

Design Elements Of A Morning Room

  1. Abundant Natural Light: Morning rooms are known for their large windows that invite the morning sunlight. The windows are often dressed with light and airy curtains to filter the light and provide a soft ambiance.
  2. Comfortable Seating: Upholstered chairs, chaise lounges, and cozy sofas are commonly found in morning rooms, ensuring a comfortable and inviting place to relax.
  3. Coffee or Tea Station: Many morning rooms include a small coffee or tea station with a kettle, cups, and a selection of beverages for a morning refreshment.
  4. Bookshelves: For those who enjoy reading, bookshelves or built-in bookcases are often a prominent feature of morning rooms. They hold a collection of books, creating an atmosphere of intellectual relaxation.
  5. Decorative Elements: Morning rooms are often decorated with soft colors, soothing artwork, and elegant accessories to enhance their tranquil ambiance.

Modern Interpretations

While the concept of the morning room has evolved over the years, it continues to be a sought-after feature in many homes. In modern houses, it can serve as a multifunctional space:

  1. Home Office: The morning room can be used as a home office, providing a serene setting for work and creative endeavors.
  2. Reading Nook: Many individuals transform their morning rooms into cozy reading nooks with shelves filled with books, comfortable seating, and good lighting.
  3. Crafting and Hobbies: The space is ideal for crafting, sewing, or pursuing other hobbies that require a well-lit and peaceful environment.
  4. Family and Social Space: Families often use morning rooms as a place to gather, chat, and spend quality time together. It’s also a welcoming spot to host guests.


The morning room is a haven of tranquility and elegance within a home. With its roots in Victorian England, it has evolved to meet the demands and preferences of modern living. Regardless of its specific use, the morning room remains a cherished space that celebrates the simple pleasures of relaxation, comfort, and the beauty of the morning light. Whether you’re sipping your morning beverage, engrossed in a book, or sharing a quiet moment with loved ones, the morning room offers a unique sanctuary for everyday luxury.


What Was The Purpose Of A Morning Room?

An original morning room was designed in the Victorian era for the lady of the house. This is a place she could prepare for her day by reviewing her schedule. While morning rooms are not strictly used for this purpose anymore, it is a perfect part of your home to prepare for your day.

Why Is It Called The Morning Room?

Why Do They Call it a Morning Room? The term “morning room” comes from the 19th Century-era of interior design. It describes a place where the first sunbeams of daylight would flood the home and the lady of the house would prepare for the day.

What Is The Difference Between A Morning Room And A Sunroom?

Today, morning rooms are often called “breakfast nooks” and used for casual dining and that first cup of coffee. A sunroom could also be deemed a morning room, since both rooms’ goal is to take advantage of the sun’s light with large windows and the room’s orientation.

What Is The Difference Between A Morning Room And A Living Room?

Traditionally, morning rooms were rooms in large houses that received a lot of light during the early daytime. They were a type of “sitting room” that many people today refer to as the living room.

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