What Is Strong Style Wrestling?

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In the realm of professional wrestling, diverse styles and techniques define the performances of athletes within the squared circle. Among these styles, Strong Style Wrestling stands out as a powerful and impactful approach that emphasizes hard-hitting strikes, realistic grappling, and intense physicality. This dynamic form of wrestling not only captivates audiences with its visceral displays but also showcases the skill, resilience, and dedication of its practitioners. In this blog, we will delve into the world of Strong Style Wrestling, exploring its origins, defining characteristics, and its enduring appeal in the world of sports entertainment.

What Is Strong Style Wrestling?

Strong Style Wrestling is a wrestling style that places a heavy emphasis on stiff strikes, impactful moves, and realistic grappling techniques. Originating primarily in Japan, it focuses on delivering hard-hitting moves that convey a sense of physicality and intensity to the audience. While many wrestling styles incorporate elements of showmanship and theatrics, Strong Style Wrestling prioritizes the appearance of realistic combat within the confines of scripted entertainment.

Key Characteristics Of Strong Style Wrestling

  1. Stiff Strikes: Strong Style is characterized by powerful strikes that appear to make genuine contact, enhancing the illusion of realism. Forearms, kicks, and elbows are executed with intensity to create a visceral impact.
  2. Technical Grappling: While strikes are prominent, technical grappling and submission holds are also integral to Strong Style. Wrestlers engage in realistic holds and ground-based techniques to simulate authentic combat scenarios.
  3. Intense Physicality: Strong Style wrestlers often display exceptional physical conditioning, enduring and delivering high-impact moves that demonstrate their resilience and determination.
  4. Minimal Exaggeration: Unlike some wrestling styles that incorporate exaggerated movements for theatrical effect, Strong Style aims for a more subdued and realistic portrayal of combat.

Origins And Influences

Strong Style Wrestling emerged in Japan, particularly within promotions like New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). It was heavily influenced by traditional Japanese martial arts, notably judo and shoot-style wrestling. Wrestlers like Antonio Inoki and Karl Gotch played pivotal roles in popularizing Strong Style and blending elements of martial arts and grappling into their performances.

Appeal And Legacy

  1. Realism and Authenticity: Strong Style resonates with fans who appreciate the illusion of genuine combat within a scripted context. The realistic nature of the strikes and grappling creates a sense of authenticity that draws spectators in.
  2. Physical Showcase: Strong Style provides wrestlers a platform to demonstrate their toughness, physical prowess, and ability to withstand punishment.
  3. Global Impact: While originating in Japan, Strong Style’s influence has spread worldwide, inspiring wrestlers and promotions to incorporate its hard-hitting elements into their performances.


Strong Style Wrestling stands as a testament to the fusion of athleticism, martial arts, and theatrical entertainment. Its focus on realism, impactful strikes, and technical grappling sets it apart as a unique and intense form of professional wrestling. From its origins in Japan to its global impact, Strong Style has left an indelible mark on the world of sports entertainment, captivating audiences with its raw energy, authenticity, and the powerful storytelling that unfolds within the squared circle.


What Does Strong Style Mean In Wrestling?

Strong Style modeled after American professional wrestling with its exaggerated costumes and personalities along with strong and loud hits. But it also adds in martial art techniques and other high-flying moves (Muscle and Fitness, n.d). King’s Road, on the other hand, focused on technique and longer matches.

What Are Strong Style Rules?

Wrestlers incorporated kicks and strikes from martial arts disciplines, and a strong emphasis was placed on submission wrestling. Inoki became known for “different styles fights” which were predetermined matches against practitioners of various martial arts.

Who Is The King Of Strong Style In Wwe?

power is not determined by strength. but position technique and explosiveness through his studies of Jiu Jitsu shinsuke Nakamura has mastered the art of precise striking. and the inescapable submission Awards toughest opponents demonstrating what it truly means to be the king of strong the style.

What Is Japanese Wrestling Style?

Puroresu is the predominant style of professional wrestling that has developed in Japan. The term comes from the Japanese pronunciation of “professional wrestling”, which is shortened to puroresu.

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